John Webster,the head chief for western foods, originally comes from England and has 11 years of professional culinary experience. He has worked as the head chef in many five star hotels and luxury clubs in England, America, and Thailand, specializing in French and Thai cuisines. He cooks Chinese local ingredients in a western way, bringing you creative dishes. The new dishes select quality seasonal ingredients, and are cooked in a unique and innovative way, presenting simple, delicate and delicious dishes to the world.

In addition, Bistro Thonet also carefully serves pleasant afternoon tea. Furthermore, outdoor BBQ is provided in spring, summer and autumn, with which you can share the happiness with families and friends.

Here you can experience the man-made culture of the century-old prince mansion, the renowned Chinese and western architecture masterpieces and the exquisite feasts of delicious food. 

Service Time: 10:30 - 21:00, every day. (10:30 – 23:30 in summer)
Place: Bistro Thonet Garden Courtyard of Qingwangfu
Reservation Tel: +86 22 87135555
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