Mr. Deng, the head chef for Chinese food, comes from Hong Kong. He joined the cooking trade in 1978 and became a head chef in 1986. Mr. Deng has ever led a Chinese chef team of nearly one hundred members, and has worked in Taiwan and Guizhou Provinces. His cooking gathers the essence of Cantonese, Taiwanese and Guizhou cuisines.
Great Cantonese Cuisines – original, diversified, authentic, delicate and innovative

In Shunde dishes, no expensive ingredients are used, but only the products from local pounds and fields or home-made pork, beef and poultry; no complicated seasonings are used, but only the exquisite cooking skills to produce delicious dishes.  The uniqueness of Shunde dishes lies in the extraordinary cooking skills with ordinary materials. Famous dishes such as “Daliang Fried Milk” are representative Shunde dishes.

Also combined into the notion of “Great Cantonese Cuisines”is the integration of the local seasonal materials in Tianjin with the uniqueness and novelty of Cantonese cuisines. Menus are categorized in four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter, bringing customers a new experience of taste.

  Service Time: 11:30-14:30, 18:00-22:00, every day.
Place: private dining rooms in the main building of Qingwangfu
Reservation Tel: +86 22 87135555
Hong Kong-style tea -- dim sum, Chinese light meals and healthy tea

Qingwangfu now advocates a scientific and reasonable diet by serving Hong Kong style afternoon tea, making you enjoy the delicious foods while keeping healthy. It is noted in the ancient book Shen Nong's Herbs that Shen Nong, who tasted all herbs, encountered at least seventy-two poisonous herbs on daily basis, but he survived the poisons by drinking the tea. From ancient times, Chinese people believe that “Tea and food have the same origin”. This is particularly true in the south and the Cantonese style tea food there has been well-known around the world. We still have the old saying “Enjoy a cup of tea with two snacks”. Drinking tea, eating snacks and having light meals are a kind of enjoyment in a busy life and are consistent with the principles of healthy life.

  Service Time: 11:00 – 14:00 every day
Place:Garden of Qingfangfu
Tel: +86 22 87135555
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