About Qingwangfu

Qingwangfu (Prince Qing’s Mansion) is located at No.55 Chongqing Road (originally Cambridge Street of the former British Concession), Heping District of Tianjin. Starting to build in 1922, it has been designated as a municipal-level cultural relics protection unit and a historic construction under special protection in Tianjin. The building was the private residence designed by Xiaode Zhang (Lande Zhang), chief eunuch of the royal family of late Qing Dynasty, and constructed under his supervision. After one-year construction and completed in 1923, it was then regarded as a top-class residence for the Chinese living in old British Concession. In 1925, Zaizhen, the fourth Prince Qing in Qing Dynasty, bought the house from Xiaode Zhang and moved in. Thus, it was named Qingwangfu (Prince Qing’s Mansion).

Almost a hundred years has passed, and this ancient mansion has been endowed with new meaning after its delicate renovation. It is now one of the projects under Tianjin Historical Architecture Restoration and Development Co., Ltd. CCA International, a company with a world fame, is responsible for its daily operation. It has become an urban cultural relic club for cultural tourism, business conference, dining and recreation. Its elegant dining rooms for Chinese and western food, cozy wine vault and romantic Bistro Thonet with a garden view are the top choices for rest and relaxation.

The Qingwangfu Hotel adjacent to the mansion is formerly an English style residence community consisting of 7 townhouses with gardens, built in 1937 and named Shanyili. After two-year’s repair, the hotel fully remains its architectural style of brick walls and slope roof with red tiles as well as its orderly street blocks, and becomes the first townhouse hotel themed in history and culture in Tianjin. With separate courtyards and a private tranquility, the hotel has 16 attached-villa-style hotel suites and 17 hotel apartments. The lanes and alleys are filled with the modesty and profoundness accumulated with time, telling stories of ages.

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