An Unworldly "Heart" Experience of Relaxation

        The Qingwangfu cultural hotel area is composed of Qingwangfu (Prince Qing’s Mansion), an urban cultural relic club, and Qingwangfu Hotel, a townhouse hotel themed in history and culture. Carrying deep historical contents and legendary stories, Qingwangfu, firstly built in 1922, was the Mansion of Zai Zhen, the “Prince Qing of Iron Hat” in late Qing Dynasty. The adjacent Qingwangfu Hotel, whose predecessor was named “Shanyili” and firstly built in 1937, matches the main part of Qingwangfu perfectly as a supporting area.
        The Qingwangfu cultural hotel area is located in the "Five Avenue Historic Building Area" where most cultural and historic buildings in Tianjin are located, and a strong British “villa” style can be easily felt when walking here. After two years of careful restoration, now, the Qingwangfu area has become the best place for people to relax themselves in a busy city life. High-ended services and top facilities are available for cultural tourism, catering and leisure, and conference accommodation, meeting all needs of modern life.
        Those knowing peace and calmness well must transcend the material world. Here, you will have an unworldly “heart” experience of relaxation.
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